JPU-6618B High transparent Polyurethane (pu) adhesive

JPU-6618B Polyurethane (pu) adhesive is a two-liquid reactive adhesives for the composite processing of base materials of food packaging materials such as PET, NY, LDPE, CPP plastic film and aluminum foil, with good initial viscous force and levelling capacity, excellent forming capacity, and short curing time; it can be used in large-scale hi-speed composite machine to produce High transparent composite bag.

Technical parameters

Name of parameter

Main agent Curing agent
JPU-6618B JPU-750B
Appearance Transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity (Pa•S/25°C) 2300-3800 2000-2500
Solid 75±2 75±2

Recommended application

Method: direct gravure coating face 
Operation concentration 20%-35% 
Residual coating dry weight 2.3-4g/m2(vary with uses)

Dry temp 60-80°C 
Temp.of combining roller. 60-85°C 
Curing condition 50-60°C 48 hours