PR-1884 alcohol soluble Polyamide resin for high speed printing

1. Brief

PR-1884 is one kind of alcohol soluble Polyamide resin, designed in unique formula and compared with other resins, it has excellent solvent release and good adhesion.

2. Technical index

Acid value(mg KOH/g): <6

Amine value(mg KOH/g): <6

Softening point (°C): 100-120

Color (50% resin liquid, Fe-Co):<10

Viscosity (50% resin liquid, mpa.s/25°C) : 140-180

Tolerance (25°C, the amount of tolerated 95%ethanol for 10g 50% solution) : >3g

Note: 50% resin liquid is 50% resin dissolved in 95% ethanol


※ excellent solvent release,

※ Excellent oxidation resistance and anti-adhesion resistance

※modifying glossiness of ink

※ Good wetting property of pigment


Mainly used for the manufacturing of high-speed gravure and relief printing inks for such substrates as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, cellophane and paper..