About Us

Jiangxi Huangyan Resin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. Located in Shanggao County Industrial Park of Jiangxi province, we enjoy good location: Situated in the north of Jiangxi province and at the middle reaches of Jin River, Shanggao County enjoys convenient traffic conditions for we are close to Nanan, Xinyu, Yichun and Yifeng. Shanggao County has been well known as a good place for commerce since ancient time. Moreover, Shanggao lies in the key crossroad between Jiangxi and Hunan province, and is neighboring to Huhangmin Expressway and Wuji Expressway. There are no exits and entrances in Shanggao County too. In addition, Zhegan Railway passes through our county, and we can reach to Gan River directly by Jin River. Covering an area of 40,000sqm, our company owns beautiful surrounding and standard plant buildings.

Jiangxi Huangyan Resin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded as Zhejiang Huangyan Resin Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 1981. Located in Huangyan city, Zhejiang Huangyan Resin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive research, development, manufacturing and trade enterprise. Our Alcohol soluble Polyamide Resin (developed by our company independently) got the golden prize of International Famous and Quality Production Fair; our resin products with "orange blossom" as the registered trademark now are the popular products among customers; JPU PU adhesive series were awarded Technical Advancement Prize; HTA-91888 high transparent adhesive for food fills the market blank of China. To expand production scale, we moved our factory into Shanggao County Industrial Park of Jiangxi province in 2011.

Jiangxi Huangyan Resin Technology Co., Ltd. Now is receiving high reputations in this industry for standard plants, wide plant area, modern equipment, famous brands and experienced R&D team.

Service tenet: "we are working hard for meeting customers' demands"; we are still working on it now. With excellent quality and service, we are looking forward to cooperating with you for mutual development!

Our main products:

Benzene soluble Polyamide Resin series

Alcohol soluble Polyamide Resin series

PU adhesive series

Application fields:

Polyamide Resin series: It is light yellow solid granules, is mainly used to produce gravure inks of plastic, ink for the surface of plastics and polish oils.

PU adhesive: It is one kind of colorless or light yellow adhesive liquid, with strong adhesion force, good sizing capacity, high initial adhesion force, and good resistance to water and heat. As one kind of non-toxic adhesive, it also has such advantages as good resistance to heat-cracking and hydrolysis, moderate crystallization, tenacious film, and good resistance to medium and heat. It can be used in the lamination of OPP/CPP and OPP/PE, is widely being used in food and pharmaceutical packing industry.